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Plus delivery.

Free delivery in the university area in orders $100  or more

Payment method and Cancellation


We accept Check, Zelle, Cash. Payment of any remaining balance made to the driver is required before the driver installs the inflatable at your location. If you do not have the payment (or do not have the total amount) at that time, our drivers will not start the inflatable unless it has been done before.

Deliveries are to your home or business.

At RentaMeUSA, we deliver the equipment to you, the safety material is indicated and then when you return and uninstall we make sure that all this is returned. We prefer to install in the grass without stones but concrete or asphalt are acceptable if you inform us to carry sandbags. Our staff brings electric cables, tents, sandbags and / or stakes and everything they need to ensure a safe and secure installation. They will have to plug into your standard 110 socket at home. We offer rentals of 6 hours or 10 hours and rental the rental price will depend on the delivery area. Please call 980-355-9696 for pricing and availability - or you can email us at


General - Cancellations a week or more before the scheduled event you may receive a full refund of the deposit paid (less the processing fee). Cancellations within a week of the scheduled event will lose the deposit as it is very difficult to reschedule the event in such a short time and many times we have rejected requests in order to keep the reservation. Due to time - We are aware that time is unpredictable and is out of everyone's control. If it is raining at your location within 4 hours of your event or upon arrival of the driver, it will allow you to cancel without penalty (except the processing fee for your deposit if canceled prior to the arrival of the driver or a driver fee if driver has arrived). The deposit (or portion thereof) will be returned to you by mail or electronically. If it is only cloudy, as it often happens in Charlotte, or the forecast rain is, but it has not been, it is not cause for cancellation. However, once we have started the inflatable and the driver has left its location, we can no longer offer a refund. Cancellations within a week of your event due to the expected rain will not receive a refund as rain predictions are often incorrect, but we would be happy to reschedule your event. Please follow all safety instructions posted on the unit


To reserve a bridge simply call (980) 355-9696, we will ask you for some personal information and you will be asked for a deposit of $40.00 which you can do by ZELLE or CASHAPP at the time of reservation.

Power requirements

All jumpers require a special 110 household outlet, we will supply a power cord up to 100 feet.

If there is no energy available at the event venue, we can

Arrange for a generator that ships with the bridge for an additional charge.

Space requirements.

Usted debe tener un area de aproximadamente 15 'x 15' con una altura libre de 20 'para puentes pequenos,

ver informaciones para grandes deslizamientos en la pagina diapositivas se pueden configurar en el cesped, hormigon y asfalto.


We clean and inspect our bridge after each rental and all bridges are built that are as safe as

possible, they are covered to protect them from the weather and they have mesh on all four sides to allow great

visibility and air circulation. As with all activities involving young children,

an adult should always supervise and assist children entering and leaving the bridge.

Please read the game rules posted on all units.

Events Park.

We deliver to most parks in the North Carolina area. Some cities require additional insurance,

We provide the client with additional certificates insured for an additional cost.

You are required to sign a disclaimer before establishing the bridge.

Most of the parks do not have electricity available, if that is the case, we can organize

for a generator to be delivered. with the bridge for an additional charge please:

  • Our equipment is rented for a maximum use of 6 hours, there is an additional charge of $ 25.00 for each additional hour.
  • 24 hour rental is available for an additional $ 40.00 (please turn your sprinklers on)
  • There is a minimum delivery and pick up time window of 30 minutes before and after your requested delivery time.
  • Deliveries are generally made between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m.
  • Last hour of a pick up is at 7:00 pm. Parks events, 30 minutes before sunset
  • There are no discounts for less than 4 hours of use.
  • There are no refunds after the unit has been delivered and installed.
  • invoice must be paid and signed before installing the unit. Along with a copy of your identification.